Demo Version & Pattern Viewer Try before you buy

MacStitch 2017
(OSX 10.7 onwards)
Demo Version/ Pattern Viewer

With this FREE working demo version of MacStitch, you can open, view, and print the sample charts supplied, and any free charts from the Ursa Software web site.
For the first time on the Mac, you will be able to open and view .PAT files from PCStitch version 4 thru 7 (some of which are marked as read only)

Using the demo , you will be able to try out all the facilities of the program, and you will be able to save your work, but you will need the full version to be able to print it. You can print any of the sample charts supplied, as long as they have not been amended.

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Remember: You will not be able to print any new designs you create in the demo version - only sample files.
But if you create something you need to keep, SAVE it, and the full program can print the file.

Click the icon below to download a demo version.

MacStitch 2017 (OSX 10.7 onwards)
This will download a DMG file to your downloads folder.

If it does not immediately launch, double click it to begin.

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Drag the application to the Applications folder.

MacStitch 2015 (for OSX 10.6 )
This will download a Zip file to your downloads folder.
Unzip this, and copy the to your Applications folder.
If you need to use MacStitch 2015 due to having an older machine,
please contact us for purchase details.

MacStitch 2012 ( for older machines )
Click here to download a DMG file.

If OSX opens it automatically, you will see the window below. If not, double click to mount the disk image.

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Drag the to Applications to install

(the 2012 demo is installed by double clicking)

You can make an alias for the MacStitch application, and place the alias on the desktop or dock if you wish.