How to change Language

We are sometimes asked how to make the apps run 'in English' when they start up in French, German, Spanish etc.
There are a number of techniques that can be used to make that happen.

For Windows 2020 edition onwards, it's it just a question of choosing the installation language at install time.
For older versions, please contact us for detailed instructions about how to do it manually.

For Mac, if you are running Catalina or later. go to the System Preferences option
Under Languages, there is now the option to add an app and tell OSX that it should run in a particular language, regardless of what language the OS is using.

If you are using something earlier than Catalina, such as High Sierra or Mojave, then the simplest solution is to obtain a copy of
App Language Chooser which is Free and available on the Mac App Store
This lest you override the language of any of your Mac Apps, if they come with a selection of languages.