Field Archer

appstoreicon Available-on-the-App-Store-e1311024223942 a new app designed especially for Field Archers shooting under NFAS rules.

Take away the complexity of scoring while attending a competition - just tap and go, the app will keep tabs and add up while you march along.

A great way to make sure you are getting the score right, and all for a price less than one lost arrow. :)

Maintain archer names (with optional photos) and events.
Enter scores with a single tap, as you move from peg to peg (no internet required)
See and store scorecards, then email or share results as soon as the last arrow is scored.

All you need to do to get started is to enter the name of the event and the number of pegs, then tap to select (or create new) Archers who will be shooting with you, and you're ready to score.


In this edition, we follow NFAS big game scoring, but the app can be used for SFAA/IFAA Animal rounds by changing the 'score per shot' in the settings screen.

You can read the manual by downloading from

Available NOW on the App Store, for £3.99 or equivalent.