How to print fewer pages
Note, over time, new features are introduced into our software regularly and some screen layouts change.
Everything discussed below is still valid, although screen layouts will now vary over time.

This section was prompted by the following questions:

I have a question, is there a way of reducing the size of the patterns?
when i design big cross stitch patterns say 15" by 15" i have to print off about 50 pages.

chart of 15 x 15 inches finished work , on 14 count
is (15 * 14) stitches across and down.
That is 210 stitches, or
210 symbols left to right.

Now, a sheet of A4 can hold about 60
readable symbols left to right.
So you need (210 divided by 60)  pages left-to-right to print the chart.
That's 3.5 pages left to right, let us call it 4
You need the same number down, so that would be 4 x 4 = 16 pages

If you are getting 50 pages, you are printing very big symbols and you can reduce the number of pages by changing the size of the symbols.

On the print dialog, there is a setting to allow you to set the symbol size, in terms of 'number of stitches across the page'


Change the 'symbols across the page' setting so that it has 60 or 70 symbols across the page and you will get less pages.
But remember -
if you make that number too large, the symbols will be too small to read.