How to mix stitch sizes
Note, over time, new features are introduced into our software regularly and some screen layouts change.
Everything discussed below is still valid, although some screen layouts will now vary.

This section was prompted by the following questions:

“I am looking to make a rather complex pattern that requires
the majority stitched over 2, with some segments stitched over 1.
How would I accomplish this with MacStitch?”

Working ‘Over 2’ on screen only affects how things look when in 'stitches' view.
And even then, when you are able to see some cloth behind the stitches..
( For example if you have imported a photo and are looking at wall-to-wall stitches you won’t see any difference.)

Here is a view of some full stitches in color block mode

Pasted Graphic

Here is the same , shown as Stitched view, ‘over 1’:
Pasted Graphic 1

To change that to ‘Over 2’ ...choose View menu / Style / select an Aida cloth, and you get this dialog:

Pasted Graphic 2

Select the first of these (over 2), and the stitched view looks like this: (see how the same stitches now ‘jump’ a hole)

Pasted Graphic 3

Next, to add 'over one' stitches to that, use this icon on the toolbar:

Pasted Graphic 4

And add stitches to the design :

Pasted Graphic 5